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    Hey all,

    I snapped 4 out of the 6 hub retaining bolts on the front passenger side of my 93 Geo Tracker (manual hubs) and I think I need to remove the hub and send it off to a machine shop to remove the snapped bolts. I tried using a propane torch and penetrating oil to free them up but they are locked solid. I think more heat is required or perhaps one of those inductive heating elements designed to remove seized bolts.

    Anyway, tool J-37763 is what I need to remove the hub ring nut but so far the ones I have seen are all around $50.00… I just can’t see spending that money for a one time use (the driver side came apart without issue… no snapped bolts).

    Does anyone have the tool that I can borrow or rent? Any other suggestions on how I can remove the seized/snapped bolts?


    Picture of my hub…


    Garden City


    You might be able to use a punch or chisel to knock that ring nut loose. Hit it counterclockwise. The bolts can likely be drilled into and use an EZ-out or a left handed drill bit.



    The o’reilly web page says they rent this type of tool. You might try calling them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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