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    Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber, :blob:

    As you know, the Forest Service published a new rule requiring the agency to formally designate a system of roads, trails and areas where motorized vehicle use would be allowed. Forest Service regulation and other laws require the agency to conduct a planning process in collaboration with the public to help design the designated system.

    Over the past few months the public lands department, along with other volunteers from the off-road community, have spent numerous hours on the phone with FS officials compiling the most up-to-date information on Travel Planning on the National Forests. As a result of that hard work we are now able to get this information out to our members and supporters.

    Below is the information on Idaho’s National Forests along with the link to the BlueRibbon Coalition’s Beta version of our new Public Lands Page, where we have posted all the information, by state, on the National Forest we have so far. This Information is updated as soon as the information comes in, so bookmark this site and check back often.

    Any updates from our members will help in keeping this information as current and accurate as possible. If you have information about your area’s National Forest please email Ric Foster, Public Lands Assistant at

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact BRC.
    Thanks in advance for your involvement,
    Brian Hawthorne
    Public Lands Director
    BlueRibbon Coalition
    208-237-1008 ext 102

    Public Lands webpage then click on the Forest Service button.

    Idaho (Southern) National Forests:

    Boise National Forest:
    1249 S. Vinnell Way
    Boise, ID 83709
    (208) 373-4100
    The Boise National Forest has designated routes in two of the five ranger districts, (Lowman and Cascade). As soon as they can produce the Motor Vehicle Use Map for those two districts, they will be finished with the Travel Plan under the OHV Rule. They are hoping to have those maps completed and available by December 2006. The three remaining ranger districts (Emmet, Idaho City and Mountain Home), cover only about 25% of the overall routes which have not yet been designated, will be going thought the entire process district by district and is expected to take the entire 4 years, according to Paul Bryant, Recreation Resource Staff Officer. They have begun to meet with motorized user groups in each area and hope to have a schedule published by the end of May or June 2006. The information on the website for the Travel Management Plan is from 2004 and needs to be updated. Check their website in the future for changes at contact Paul Bryant at (208) 373-4100 or email to

    Caribou – Targhee National Forest:
    1405 Hollipark Dr
    Idaho Falls, ID 83401
    (208) 524-7500
    The Travel Management Plan for this forest has been completed and a final EIS was issued in August 2005. The decision was signed by Forest Supervisor, Larry Timchak, on November 7, 2005. The Travel Plan designates where the public can travel on roads, trails and areas of the Westside, Soda Springs and Montpelier Ranger Districts. The selected alternative provides a variety of travel opportunities for forest visitors, while meeting the goals and objectives for soils, water, vegetation and wildlife habitat. The Caribou Travel Plan Map will be distributed. A Copy of the Record of Decision and FEIS are available at, as well as additional information on the Travel Plan.

    Salmon – Challis National Forest:
    1206 So. Challis Street
    Salmon, ID 83467
    (208) 756-5100
    The Salmon-Challis National Forest is just beginning the process for their Travel Management Plan. They will be conducting public meetings though May 2006 to inform the public of the process and time line for getting everything done. Over the next year the FS plans on holding public meetings and doing field trips with interested organizations and clubs. They hope to be able to start the NEPA process by Summer 2007, and complete everything by Fall 2009 with a new motorized travel map. For information on meetings, and to get on the mailing list you can contact Kent Fullenbach at (208) 756-5145 or email to For future updates keep an on the forest’s website

    Payette National Forest:
    PO Box 1026
    800 West Lakeside Ave
    McCall, ID 83638
    (208) 634-0700
    The Payette National Forest released their Draft EIS earlier in 2006 and the end of the comment period will be May 19, 2006. From there they will review all the comments received and hopefully be able to issue a Final EIS by Fall 2006. Although the OHV Rule is for summer use plans, the Payette is doing their Travel Plan for both winter and summer use. There is information on the forest website at You can get more information, or on the mailing list by contacting Ana Egnew, Project Manager, (208) 634-0624 or email to aeegnew@fs.fed.usor Sue Dixon, Writer/Editor (208) 347-0326 or email to

    Sawtooth National Forest:
    2647 Kimberly Rd. E.
    Twin Falls, ID. 83301
    (208) 737-3200
    The Sawtooth National Forest is continuing work on designating a system of roads and trails for motorized use on the Minidoka, Ketchum and Fairfield Ranger Districts.
    According to Ruth Monahan, Forest Supervisor, opportunities will soon be available to review initial travel route concept maps for people who have an interest in motorized travel on the Forest. “We have prepared maps for the Minidoka District and portions of the Fairfield and Ketchum Districts,” Monahan said. “These maps are the result of comments and suggestions received from the public over the last 18 months. This work is being done in order to have motorized travel on the Sawtooth National Forest consistent with the agency’s effort to develop a nationally consistent approach to travel management on the National Forests.”

    Monahan stated that the Forest has been working with a number of organized user and interest groups, local governments and state agencies. “We will be going back out to these groups in April and May for a review of these maps. To provide an opportunity for people who are not associated with organized groups, the maps will be available at each one of our Forest Service offices beginning Thursday, April 20th.”

    “This review process of the maps is additional opportunity for interested people to give us feedback and let us know if we have missed anything significant,” stated Monahan. “Our next step will be to develop a proposed action which we will then submit for formal public review and comments prior to making a final decision. Our target date is to have a system of designated roads and trails and a final map in place by May 2007.”

    “To be the most helpful, we would like feedback by May 22nd, 2006,” added Monahan.
    “The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is not involved in this effort. Motorized travel on that unit is already restricted to designated roads and trails. Winter use is not addressed in the current planning effort. Over snow vehicle use will continue to be managed under the current Sawtooth National Forest Travel Plan.” More information check the website at or contact Kim Pierson, Forest Botanist, at

    Idaho (Northern) National Forests:

    Idaho Panhandle National Forest:
    2502 East Sherman Ave
    Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814
    (Coeur d’Alene National Forest)
    (Kaniksu National Forest)
    (St. Joe National Forest)
    The Idaho Panhandle National Forest is currently working on the public involvement part of their plan, gathering information on user routes and working with clubs and organizations to get as much route data as possible. This will continue through June 2006. Sometime in July or August 2006, they plan to release a proposed action to the general public for review and comment. The steps for the process are (1) to review existing travel management direction. (2) Assemble resource and social data. (3) Use travel analysis to identify proposals for change. (4) Environmental analysis and decision making. (5) Publish a motor vehicle use map. (6) Implement, monitor and revise. The forest is planning to make a decision on travel management and prepare a Decision Notice for Public Review by April or May 2007. For Updates and information visit their website at

    Clearwater National Forest:
    12730 Highway 12
    Orofino, Idaho 83544
    (208) 476-4541
    The entire forest is going to be doing motorized travel plans and except for the Palouse Ranger District who has already begun their public involvement and is well under way with getting routes identified and inventoried, the remainder of the ranger districts are just now completing the training and in the process of drafting a public involvement plan. According to Kimberly Nelson, Travel Management Team Member they are just at the beginning of the process May 2006. For more information keep an eye on the website at to get on the mailing list or contact a person call (208) 476-4541 and ask for Kimberly Nelson or email her at

    Nez Perce National Forest:
    Rte 2 Box 475
    Grangeville ID 83530
    (208) 983-1950
    The entire forest is doing the travel plan as a whole, and they are just in the beginning stages of the planning process. They are currently gathering and reviewing all their data and are hoping to start public discussions by November 2006 with the NEPA process beginning early in 2007. They don’t have anything currently on the forest website, but are hoping to be able to at least get a schedule for the Travel Management Plan posted in the next month or so. You can check for information at To get on the mailing list, or to contact someone call Melanie Glossa, Travel Planning Team, at (208) 983-1950 or email her at

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