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    The Cowbell S.O.P.s :rules:

    • There will be two separate bells; the Yank Bell and the Broke Bell.
    • Cowbells can only be “awarded” to members.
    • Bells should be prominently displayed in plain sight immediately upon receiving. The Bell should not be subjected to unnecessary abuse, so as to ensure longevity.

    Assistance/Yank Cowbell
    • Shall be “awarded” to the Member that was the last to require the assistance of another rig in order to be extricated or aided while on a Club run, or at a Club event.
    • May also be “awarded” to any Member who receives the assistance of more than three people at a time. (on a yank strap, for example)
    • Use of your own winch will not count as a yank (assistance), as long as the hook end is attached to an intended non-moving object.
    • If the winching anchor point is another rig, and that rig requires moving during the winching operation, the operation shall qualify as an “awardable assistance”.
    • Any yank from another rig shall immediately qualify as an “awardable assistance”, warranting the Cowbell.
    • The Cowbell may be “awarded” more than once on any run/event.

    Break Cowbell
    • Shall be “awarded” to the Member that was the last to break any vehicle component that diminishes the capability of the rig to navigate the trail/event, even if successfully repaired with the aid of tools.

    General Cowbell Rules
    • Cow bells may be given away on any run/event with no penalty to the bell “owner” (last recipient), as long as the last “owner” has the bell with him, and is present on the run/event. (Cowbell “owners” rig need not be present on run* ride-alongs encouraged)
    • Cowbell “owner” may give away either Bell to any deserving/qualifying Member at a subsequent meetings if the current “owner” did not attend a prior run/event, and they voluntarily pay an immediate “$5.00 fine”. (to be applied to the Raffle Fund)
    • If any Cowbell “owner” possesses either Cowbell beyond 60 days, and has not “awarded” the Cowbell to a new qualifying “owner” because they have not attended the appropriate runs, said “owner” may sneak the bell onto another qualified Member’s rig. If caught in the act, sneaky (not enough) Member must restart the 60 day period over, and said Member must pay an immediate $5.00 penalty to the raffle fund.
    • If a Member breaks something, thereby qualifying to be “awarded” the Break Cowbell, they become immune to the Assistance Cowbell. The only way one Member can acquire both Cowbells, is if said Member already has the Assistance Cowbell before breaking, and qualifying for the Break Cowbell.
    • Members are strongly encouraged to bring the Cowbell with them to all Runs/Events/Meetings.

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