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    So I have an idea for a recovery point for my truck and it is simply taking a regular tow hitch, removing the ball, and putting on a D shackle. What do you guys think about this I know they make ones specifically for recovery but if I have the stuff to make my own why would I spend the money? Haha so anyway do you guys think it’s safe or see any problems? Thanks



    I see a few issues.

    If you are thinking of using the top picture to put a D-ring through the hole, you’re applying all of the yank force to a thinner piece of steel than the lower. It’s possible that the strip of steel could peel from the 2″ box pipe.

    The lower picture uses a solid chunk of 2×2 steel, then thinned a bit to a 2×1 steel tab on a solid block. Less chance of ripping.


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    Most of those receiver stingers now days use a 1″ dia. hole. Most shackles are 3/4″ dia. Unless you use a bushing of some type; that puts a sloppy connection that you are putting a lot of pressure on. Not a preferred way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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