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    “LEWISTON, Idaho — U.S. Forest Service officials say they are considering altering forest roads in Idaho for safety reasons following a 2009 decision by Idaho lawmakers that opened the roads to drivers younger than 16 operating off-highway vehicles without a state-issued driver’s license.

    Intermountain Region Forester Harv Forsgren says safety on the forest roads designed and maintained for passenger cars and commercial truck traffic is compromised because of unlicensed and untrained drivers.

    The agency says more than 2,500 miles of roads are “roads of concern” that could be dangerous for unlicensed drivers.

    The Forest Service is taking public comments through Feb. 22 about roads in the eight national forests in the state.

    The agency says actions could include reducing speed limits, adding speed bumps, or banning off-road vehicle use on some roads.”

    Is it possible that “banning off-road vehicle use” might impact us? I interpret it to mean dirt bikes, trikes, quads, UTVs, but we shall see.



    They’re talking about ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes. Generally aimed at the liability issue they claim they are being exposed to since riders under sixteen can now legally ride on most county roads.
    The IRC is currently working on legislation to appease them and make them back off. The USFS has been using it as a leverage issue to influence the outcome of the proposed legislation.
    That’s my understanding at least…. :roll:



    @basqueman wrote:

    The USFS has been using it as a leverage issue to influence the outcome of the proposed legislation.:

    :cussing: Damn USFS.



    USForest Service State Spokesman was at the IRC meeting, and was questioned extensively on the issue. Bottom line is, what I said above, with an emphasis that actual “closures” would be the extreme last resort. Much more likely that they would add signage, clear roadside brush, etc., to make specific sections safer.

    He didn’t appreciate my sharing an analogy; (to their closure option) I told him it seems analogous to killing humans in advance to alleviate potential conflicts with wolves. Why not just shoot them all right now, then we know there won’t be any “conflicts” with wolves.

    Humans works in this analogy better than livestock because, there aren’t ANY actual recorded conflicts on record in our state. Which IS EXACTLY THE SAME STATISTIC REGARDING ACCIDENTS IN IDAHO BETWEEN OHVs AND FULLSIVE VEHICLES: NONE ON RECORD.

    That’s why the “closure” option is so rediculous.



    He didn’t like your analogy because using the term “shooting” violated the new “civility mandate” put out by you know who.

    Next time use an analogy that doesn’t use that barbaric terminology and they will be perfectly happy (even if it doesn’t make any sense) :bs:

    Seriously, great job Joe, thanks again to you and the IRC for representing us at these forums and elsewhere, it’s truly appreciated!



    You do good work Joe, you do good work. I owe you a :occasion5:



    I think I still owe you a ride before you owe me a beer. But thanks for the sentiment…. :oops:



    Nice work BrianRagan. Take my :occasion5: for your useful post.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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