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    Looking for recommendations for a GPS.

    I have and use a Garmin 60CSx GPS.
    For walking and hunting on foot it works fine.

    I was out this fall in the side by side and found it fell short.
    The screen is too small to be usable at 15 to 30 mph travel speed.
    Trying to find my way back to the truck via and alternate route was tough and ended up using dead reckoning over the GPS.

    I would try my Garmin NUVI but found my son confiscated it last summer and it is lost forever :o

    So I am in search of a GPS that has larger screen that would pair up well with the 4-wheeler or side-by-side and show the rabbit trails and back roads of Idaho.

    I don’t need turn by turn instructions but a map of where I am at, and the trails and roads so I can see how to get where I want to go is a basic requirement.

    An example was when we were running around in the Owyhees I could zoom in and see the trail where I was at but when I zoomed out to see where I was at in reference to Blacks Mountain or Silver City the trails all disappeared long before the main landmarks came into view on the screen.

    The ability to load the public vs. private land maps would be a big bonus.

    What GPS’s are people using to travel the trails and back roads that show decent details in order to go out and get back?




    I use the Garmin Montana 650t. It has all of what you are looking for in a waterproof package. I use it in the jeep, on the 4wheeler and hunting. You will want the Idaho hunting maps to get all the little trails you are probably looking for.

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    Is that the Garmin based GPS or the Android based GPS?
    They both appear to be the same but the operating systems are the difference.
    I have not yet read anything about the Android based Garmin GPS units.

    Is the Idaho Hunting Maps the one with the public and private property identified on the topo maps?

    I was in Cabelas today looking at the GPS’s (and they were telling me about the Android and Garmin based units) and saw a public lands chip for Idaho Oregon and Washington.
    I could not tell what the differences were (other than the obvious three state coverage for the one) but they were both the same price leading me to believe that the single state option had features the three state option didn’t. Any ideas on the differences between the two? They were both offered by the same company.

    Thank you



    I found the answer to one of my questions.
    The Hunting Maps program has transitioned into onXmaps.
    The onXmaps offers a premium and a regional micro SD card.
    The regional maps (three state map) does not have the private property boundaries and land owner names on the maps.
    The regional map does show private and public and I don’t understand quit how it would work without the property boundaries but that was what their website said.

    Now on to Garmin based vs Android based GPS’s.




    Sorry for the slow reply I don’t get on here a lot. I personally have the Idaho only map and it is extremely detailed. Mine is the garmin based system. I have never used any of the Android based units so I am no help there.

    If you use a android phone then maybe that would offer some for familiarity in the use of it.



    Your phone

    Google maps with the new offline cache feature
    Trimble Outdoor Navigator (For topo, land use, hunting zones, etc).



    I have the Garmin Montana 650 which I like a lot. It too has has a small enough screen that it’s tough to see much when moving on trail. Last year i got a iPad mini, downloaded a map file and bought a “bad elf dongle”. THis is a GPS dongle that simply attaches to your iPad mini. Jeeping around moab, the iPad mini surprisingly stuck to the suction window mount without problems, but I did rest the bottom of it on the dashboard. This is a big screen. You could use an iPad which would be even bigger. Works on Jeep and would probably work on side by side. I use the montana on snowmobile and trail bike but the screen is too small unless I remove from the mount to look at it. This requires stopping. I assume this would be the situation with the 4 wheeler. It does take photos though, and tags their location, so you can download your trip onto a computer and it inserts your photos on the map at the site of the photo. I haven’t tried this yet with the iPad mini yet but probably it would do the same.

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