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    Recently there was a travel management plan for the Owyhee Subregion released for comment. Here is a link to all of the content from a CD that was sent out:

    If you enjoy playing in the Owyhees, now is your chance to stand up and fight for it!!

    There will be Public Meetings as follows:

    Wed Oct 1
    Owyhee County Museum

    Thurs Oct 2
    BLM District Office
    3948 Development Ave

    Ryan Homan 896-5925 (BLM Rec. Officer)

    The are many comments and discussion points here:

    I urge you to read, voice your opinion and view others thoughts on the TMP



    There is a lot of discussion and information on Planet. Check out the thread and add to the discussion!



    There is discussion on Planet about having a meeting prior to the comment meetings for the TMP. Post here if you are interested in attending the Pre-meeting Meeting. :)



    As Whitney posted. Go to Planet for a full report. Scott Johnson, President of IS4x4A has all the info you need. No need to repeat it here.
    I would just like all IOR members to be reasured that the State Association is working hard to keep our trails open. You may not hear from us every day. But, every day, we are working for all the clubs in Idaho.
    I will transfer Scott’s message to our web site. Well, not me, somebody smarter. :?
    Let’s show our support on Oct. 2nd. Power in numbers. :D




    I will be at the meeting, and if traffic permits, Linn will be joining me.

    Reading the exerpts on Planet sure helped understand how we are included in this plan. The document is very long and the maps a little difficult to decipher. One point is clear from the maps – our sport does not ask for much in comparison to the single track and ATV users.

    We need a bunch of us there with our club / sport logos displayed :!: :!: :!:

    What time are people going to get there? 5 to 8 is a long time frame… I would suggest 6:30 to 7:00 as a core for our group to show.


    I am planning to be there right around 5:15. I don’t want to miss anything.




    Copied from Planet, submitted by Scott Johnson, ID State 4×4 Assoc President:

    Idaho State 4X4 Association

    Owyhee Subregion Management Plan

    The elected officers of the Association met last night and further discussed the different plans being proposed.

    First, Bill Taylor our Association land use committee member has been involved in this fight since its beginning. He has all of our clubs in mind as he represents the State Association and he understands this issue very, very well. He knows the maps and helped create some of them. Now that the options have been laid out in front of us we can comment on and formulate a plan for our stance on them. They are not set in stone. Changes can be made and we want some changes to all three alternatives that currently exist.

    There is tons of background info on this and if you have not read the documents being discussed, I recommend you do prior to the open house meetings on Oct. 1st and 2nd.

    Proposal B is what the BLM wants and proposal C is what the County wants.

    As I understand it from Bill proposal B, and C include all of the rock trails that he was aware of. He did indicate that Lost Trail as he has run it is included.

    Some concerns of the BLM are that “45” ( the parking area for 2HD off Hwy 78 ) is getting a lot of over use from motorcycles and atv’s. They are basically using it as an open play area which it is not. It is supposed to be managed for single trail use and they cannot do that the way it is now. Plant life is also very impacted at this site. The BLM wants to shut that off so the damage doesn’t persist. Proposal B closes “45”and recommends that the atv gate near Cane Springs will be replaced with a full size cattle guard/gate for access. It also allows the Moto guys to continue competitive use of this area.

    Ryan Holman has told Bill as late as yesterday that he is open to trying to fins a route from the top of 2HD to the bottom to allow access to the bottom portion. Bill will be scouting that on Saturday to get a recommendation for Mr. Holman.

    Porposal C – Proposes to restrict the competitive use and it also address’ some challenges of access where roads meet private property. It basically closes these access areas because as property sells the access will change with new owners potentially. Unless they bought the ground and had an easement the access across these areas would always be up in the air.

    It also closes more of the areas we want open. It is not the best plan as presently written.

    TMP – The way the TMP is written, it allows for “adaptive management” which is overall a good thing for our sport since it is so young. It allows for future development of trails depending upon the needs of user groups. It also allows for closures down the road if needed. The addition of trails under this adaptive management designation is easier than without it and it does not require additional full blown Environmental Impact Studies.

    Tentative Proposal –

    Plan B is our best option with at least the following changes. These should be put into all of your comments to the BLM.

    45 road remains open for our user group only. (this probably won’t happen since they cannot block out motorcycles or atv’s and still allow us in, but we want to try)
    We want an additional road to allow access from the top of 2HD to the bottom portion.
    We want your input and Bill Taylor will be part of that process.

    Public comment can be submitted until Oct. 21, 2009.

    Open houses are available on Oct. 1 and 2.

    We would like to get as many people to the Oct. 2nd open house as possible!
    This is where you will learn more about the proposals and be able to ask questions and get clarification. This is not a formal public comment meeting, but your comments will be helpful to the land managers in attendance that night. Please be respectful and courteous to them.
    Once you have learned more about it, the Association will be having a meeting after the open house on Oct. 2nd at the Kopper Kitchen 2661 Airport Way, Boise.It will be at 7:30pm and we invite everyone who attends the open house to come to that meeting and give Bill your ideas and help us formulate the rest of our attack. This will allow you to be further informed and help us represent you the best we can in the best way we can. Howard Shields, Tony Lancaster and Bill Taylor will all be present to answer questions and get your feedback!
    The information from this get together will allow us to be very prepared and unified for the time when we can really give our input and have it put on record. Meeting prior to this open house is great, but the open house is not where you present your ideas or comments on the proposals.
    I see this as one of if not the most important things you can participate in this year! Please show in force so they can see that we have a commitment to helping them keep this area available to our user group. We do not have the history in this are that other user groups have, but we have a lot of passion so lets rally the members and friends, relatives or who ever you can round up and get them to the open houses!

    This meeting will also allow us to have a spokesman for our user group. While the BLM have said they will talk with anyone, anytime it is more courteous to have a representative talk with him and report back so he doesn’t have to spend all of his time answering the same questions over and over again.

    Please feel free to post up ideas, but please bring them with your passion to the open house and join us at the Kopper Kitchen at 7:30 on Oct. 2nd to give your input!

    Thank you,

    Scott Johnson
    Idaho State 4X4 Association



    As discussed in the meeting last night, here is a link to the topic on the Idaho State 4×4 Association Website:

    You can read the TMP and download the maps, as well as see an example of the form letter that you can send to the BLM.





    For those procrastinators out there, an email address is available to submit your letter TODAY!!!!


    Just be sure to change the * to an @ so it goes… :roll:

    Don’t just copy / paste / send the suggested letter. Read through it and add your personal twist and any clarity you feel will help the BLM work with us.

    (the suggested letter is on Planet 4×4 and I think on the State Assoc site)


    Participant Direct link to email. Today is the last day for comment. GIT R DONE


    Pastor Torch

    Found this on the RLM web page this morning. Not sure if it’s old news or recent, it has no date stamp.

    —Quoted —-
    Owyhee Field Office Closing Unauthorized Motorized Play Areas in Owyhee Front

    The BLM-Idaho Boise District, Owyhee Field Office is moving forward with implementation of the Murphy Subregion Travel Management Plan. A fence has been constructed around an unauthorized motorized play area called the “45”, or Scorpion Creek. A fence has also been constructed near the Blue Canoe Restaurant located off Highway 78 for the same reason. Construction of these fences will tie into an existing Mulford Milkvetch exclosure. According to the Plan, roughly 600 acres of public land are scheduled to be closed to motorized uses.

    Also, annual trails maintenance on 200 miles of motorized use trails and signage of travel routes on 850 miles of trails will begin in the spring. Styles have been installed and gravel is scheduled to be laid at “45” and Fossil Creek trailheads.
    — End Quote —-

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