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    Hi fellow wheelers. I am posting this for you to read and to tell me what you think about it.

    As many of you know, Utah just passed a bill that allows certain vehicles to be licensed as ATV’s.
    I feel it is time for our elected officials to consider the same law?

    I have put together a letter that I am going to send to our state representatives to consider.

    I want you to be my sounding board on this? Does the letter makes sense, cover the basics of the law, etc, etc? Check my grammar, spelling, sentences. I am know English scholar! :o

    Here is what I plan on sending, I hope you will consider it too?

    I also have all the e-mail for the house and state representatives below.

    Thanks and please share your thoughts!
    Here it is!

    Dear elected official.
    I am writing you in regards to a bill that was recently passed in Utah. House bill 148.
    I am an avid outdoorsman and love go Jeeping. But lately I find myself taking my Jeep to other states because they welcome me with open arms. Plus I think they like to money I spend in their states.

    This pass two weeks I have been in Colorado and Utah wheeling my Jeep with five other families. We had a great time. I none of us were ever stopped by any law enforcement officer because these states have laws that welcome us and our money.

    To the best of my abilities I would say that combined we spent about eight thousand dollars on this trip in the two states. Just my camping bill at the RV-Motel park was $1250.00. Just to give you an idea of what was spent.

    So back to house bill 148 that was just past in Utah.

    I would like you to consider passing one just like it or close to it?

    I would love to wheel my Jeep in my home state and spend my money here than in other states.

    Below is some of the wording for the law that passed in Utah. Please read it and comment back to me on it. It is a simple law that makes sense and will keep tens of thousands of dollars in our state each year.

    ( I did copy this for the most part from here)

    • Headlights with hi-low beams, turn signals, brake lights, back-up lights, side marker lights, and all other lights as outlined in the general safety manual.
    • Basic safety requirements as outlined in the safety manual, such as working brakes, mirrors, horn, seatbelts, speedometer, muffler, etc.
    • A windshield is not required (you must wear goggles or glasses if no windshield) but if you do have one, it must be glass or poly (no plexiglass) and have wipers.
    • The frame height requirements as outlined in the safety manual apply.
    • 92 inches maximum width (outside of tires).
    • Maximum seat height of 50 inches.
    • Maximum tire size of 44”. (Non-DOT stickies will be allowed, as will beadlocks).
    • Fenders are not required.
    • Mud flaps are not required.
    • Full-hydro steering is allowed.
    • Safety inspection required first year, and thereafter as outlined in the general inspection manual.
    • Insurance is required.
    • Maximum speed limit is 45 mph. Vehicles cannot operate on Interstate freeways.

    As you can see, it is a very simple easy to understand law. And yes, there is more to it but this is a the basics of it.

    Just a side note, if we were to get a bill like this passed, it will also help with a very big problem with the trail head becoming congested with tow rigs and trailers. Just a thought!

    Thank you for your time and service to OUR state!

    You can put your name and where you live here if you decide to send this?

    So please help me with any wording that might need to be changed or anything else?
    I plan on sending this out next week. Thanks

    E-mails for state officials.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



    I for one, have a fully licensed CJ 5. But due to the fact that my tires are wider than the body (not full width axles) I am constantly harassed by jeep hating cops. I would like to learn more. Maybe you could even come to one of our club meetings and give us more details?


    Hell, I can legally drive my RZR on the road!



    I am in the same boat as you, my tires are too wide?

    I am not going to say that the cops are Jeep haters?

    But I will say that the laws that hinder us and favor ATV’s and side by side’s is too slanted to say the least. Just give us the same laws?

    My Jeep have low and high beam lights, working turn signals, brake light, clearance lights, horn and everything that you would think would make it legal to drive on the road. Oh well!

    The last time I was stopped for this, a side by side went by that had more tire hanging out then my Jeep. I laughed and the cop asked why I was laughing? I told him and he said nothing.

    This was in Pine by the way! I have also been stopped in Pine while being on dirt roads.

    I really don’t know much about it except for what I have read here and other places. I do feel if we all work together as one voice we might have a chance to get something done. Whatever that may be is the question?

    I did have a little talk with a local politician who said he does not like Idaho dollars going to other states.

    Thanks for the reply!

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