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    Pastor Torch

    I have an idea for a Geo-Quest trail.

    I want to know if anyone here knows of any reason that this wouldn’t fly. I’d like to make sure that I’m not violating any land use rules or setting up anyone else to do so.

    Here is the general idea: It is similar to the Turky run in that the drivers will start at one point and have to make their way to several other ‘check-points’ in order to negotiate the trail. The exact route they run will be left up to them. At each check point I plan on putting a small’ish metal stake in the ground, something just off-trail but easy enough to find -*-IF-*- you are looking for it. On the stake will be the GPS co-ordinates for the next check-point. That is it. I am thinking of leaving this up about one month and then pulling out all the stakes. If people enjoy this kind of wheeling, I (or someone else) might pick a new location and set up another course.

    The area I’m looking at right now is bounded by Hwy 78, Rabbit Creek rd, Silver City rd and the Owyhee mountains. All of the trails here are below 4000 ft elv, and should be free of mud by this time. (Or we will wait until they are)

    That’s it…. would the F.S. or BLM or anybody have a problem with this, as far as anyone here knows?



    Sounds like a funner version of a military Land Nav course. Only without using maps, protractors and a compass.



    I think it’s a cool idea…. I’d be up for playing the game.


    Pastor Torch

    Well, so far it seems either the question has been over-looked, or there must be no reason not to set it up. I just need someone who can back me up when I go out. I used to wheel solo, but I’d rather not if I don’t have too.

    Any volunteers to help with the set-up?



    When were you wanting to do the set up? I’d be willing to run with you if I’m available.



    People won’t pay admission to a park when they have an abudance of federal/state land that is open for recreation.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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