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    I’m Eric (couldn’t guess I bet :D ) outta Middleton

    For those that visit planet4x4 I go by 1970Custom.

    Saw you guys @ NWMF this past Saturday and just had to drop in here and see whats up.


    Hey Eric!

    Good to hear from you. NWMF was quite a lot of fun this year. We had some great crowds and good opportunities to talk with the public about our sport and our club.

    Hope you had a good time too.



    Had a blast, I’ve been following crawling in general since I was about 12 (21 now), however my dad has never really watched it until then, he was quite entertained especially with the flop of the Jeep.

    I had, almost, more entertainment watching everybody trying to park on one another. Need to get the time/funds to get my Bronco up and trail ready.


    Arock Man

    Arock man is who I yam. Not a member yet but hope to be after a few more events/gatherings.

    A brief bio.
    I was raised & spent 30+ years in the Owyhee dessert South (& East, West and North) of Jordan Valley and still own a ranch there (Arock). Wife & I are both 60 (are there any members older?). I have retired from the precious metal mining arena, wife works for AAA in Meridian, and we love Jeeping & meeting new people.

    Recently moved from Interior Alaska to Nampa and am now bitching about the heat instead of the cold!

    Looking forward to getting involved in functions as well as getting to know everybody in the club.

    Pat & Fermena Montgomery



    Welcome to the forum Pat & Fermena! It was great to see you at the meeting on Tuesday and we hope to see you at many more meetings and events!

    Whitney Mereness (Wife of Kevin, the event coordinator)



    known as Wirenut, wife known as Hotwire. Can Fix anything with wires just ask. :twisted:



    @wirenut wrote:

    known as Wirenut, wife known as Hotwire. Can Fix anything with wires just ask. :twisted:

    Welcome to the club…
    So, what do you drive? Have you been to a meeting or on a run yet?



    Welcome to all the new members & all those who have recently joined the message boards. Hope to put a face to a name soon. :)

    Just a quick reminder, the next club meeting is coming up on August 14th 7pm at Idaho Pizza Company in Meridian,[/color] located on Fairview Rd. If you want to get there early to socialize & grab a bite to eat feel free. A lot of members will start showing up around 6:30ish.

    See you there! :joker:



    “known as Wirenut, wife known as Hotwire. Can Fix anything with wires just ask.”

    I Drive a 95 jeep cherokee Green , have been to the last meeting the run to miner’s grave, and will be there on tuesday. :shock:



    My name Is Mike Reich. I have three jeeps. A 2006 Red Unlimited with “BEHAPPY” tags. I also have a black 1946 CJ2A and a 2004 Grand Cherokee. I am not yet a member but look forward to joining the Idaho Off-Road 4×4 Club.




    My name is David Eilers. My parents co-founded the family-oriented Wandering Willys Jeep Club in the Seattle area back in the 60s (it’s still around), so I pretty much grew up in the back of my parents CJ5 touring the PNW. When I was 19 it just seemed the natural thing to build my own racing/trail flatfender jeep (called the Great Escape), which I created out of a patchwork of old jeeps and junkyard parts.

    When I was 26 I sold my jeep. While I’ve been fortunate to have 3 great kids, travel all over, and do so interesting things in life, I’ve always missed my jeep and jeeping. So, last winter, after moving to Idaho I started assembling parts using Craigslist (and

    I’ve used the jeep building as an excuse to travel all over gathering parts. For example, the flatfender body came from Lakeview Oregon as a trade for some cherokee axles I dragged from Hoquium Wa. The old-school cast aluminum rims came from Colorado and, as a part of that trip, I used to locate a CJ5 near Denver (passing through there I discovered are still LOTS of flatties and CJ5s in Colorado), which I towed back.

    I’ve stripped down the 1972 CJ5 and redone the suspension, putting wranger back springs in the front with reversed shackles and outboarding the back with cherokee springs. I’ve repaired the beat up fiberglass body, which had seen too many years, and I think I’ve rejuvinated it pretty well. I’ve added some side stripes to give it a ‘parkette’ (sp?) look. Parkette was an early manufacturer of fiberglass bodies (I think they only made 11 or so flattie bodies). Because of the length of the cj5 frame, I will be stretching the fenders and hood about 4-8 inches (haven’t finalized), which I will be doing very carefully as to keep the existing body lines as true as possible. The tranny is a sm420, which I got for jeeping so I could keep the 373 gears for onroad and racing. The engine’s a 350, and I think I’ll live with that for now, but I’m looking for a buick v6 231 to rebuild (though a couple of years ago someone started selling an aluminum buick v6 block that I’d dearly like to build from — $4k just for the block). Next step is bending the roll cage — have to locate a bender and notcher.

    I’m already travelling out of town for this month’s meeting, but if I’m around for next month’s meeting I’ll drop by and introduce myself.



    the names Thomas shutika. from Pennsylvania now of mountain home drive a black 2000 tj . . . go by eastcoasttj ( go figure ) cant wait to go on some runs with everyone



    Welcome to all who have stopped by to say HI! Hope you can make the next club run on the 27th. Check out the runs section of the forum for more details. :wink:



    Name is Jeff and own a Nissan Frontier 4×4
    2.5″ lift will be installed in January 08
    I have skids under my truck
    Will be getting my 285s or 33s later on.
    A 6 cylinder with 300+ torque.
    I ran a 150 miles on mud, snow, and ice all dam day yesterday achieving speeds as high as 65 mph. That’s the way i roll! I love being in the outdoors.

    Hope to see some of you in the near future, even if i cant run with the big boys…i will still enjoy taking pictures if you let me.



    My name is Jarrod Mankle. I am an active duty Marine stationed out at Gowen field. I’ve only gone to one meeting so far, that was about 2 months ago. then Toys 4 Tots started so i wasnt able to go to anymore meetings or events. Now that it is over I plan on attending more. Im hoping to make the jan 5th snow run, It might be a drill weekend thou. I go by militarytoy on the forums, i go by Black 4 over the military net.

    I drive an OD green 85 toyota pickup with the 22RE that i have owned since i was 15.
    It has
    9 in lift- 4in spring, 2 in shackle, 3in body
    35 BFG Mud Terrains
    Front – 5.29s ARB upgraded to 86 and newer disc brakes
    Rear – 5.29s ARB stock drums
    Allpro front bumper w/ Milemarker 9000lbs winch
    Trailgear-inc. rock sliders
    Safari Snorkle
    Cobra CB and Uniden Scanner
    only engine mods is an Accel coil, Hedman header, and a flowmaster exaust
    I hope you guys will be seeing alot more of me.

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